August 25-30, 2019
XX International Sol-Gel Conference
St.Petersburg, Russia
About the conference
The 20th International Sol-Gel Conference will be held on August 25-30, 2019 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The conference is organized in partnership with the International Sol-Gel Society (ISGS) and hosted by ITMO University, Saint Petersburg, Russia. The milestone, 20th edition of the conference will manifest the new generation of the Sol Gel Conference.

Beyond the traditional lectures and parallel sessions, conference will offer hands-on workshops and first-ever Science Communication workshops.

The 20th Sol-Gel Conference supports the new generation of scientists who want to excel. The competition for the best 100 MS and PhD students will be open for applicants under 25 years old, offering free access to the 20th Sol-Gel conference, workshops and dorm accommodation.
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The Host and Organizer
ITMO University, founded in 1900
Dr. Vladimir Vinogradov (Chair), ITMO University
Prof. David Avnir (Co-Chair), Hebrew University, Israel
Prof. Vadim Kessler (Co-Chair), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
The Local Organizing Committee:
Dr. Daria Kozlova (Co-Chair), ITMO University
Opening and closing plenary will be held in the Alexandrinsky Imperial Theater, an amazingly preserved masterpiece of royal heritage. Adress Ostrovskogo sq. 6
5 min walk from the main street of the city – Nevsky prospect

In the heart of Saint Petersburg, amidst historical sites and beautiful architecture, conveniently located ITMO University Congress Area will welcome participants of the Conference.
ITMO University Congress Area - Lomonosova st., 9
10 min walk from the main street of the city – Nevsky prospect
#1 destination in Russia per TripAdvisor
Mixture of 315-year history and contemporary culture
Feel the chemistry of St. Petersburg.
10 reasons to visit
Venice of the north: 580+ bridges and 72 rivers and canals
The famous Russian ballet
Internationally-friendly: English signs on the streets and in the metro
5 suburban imperial residences - 1 hour from the city center
Historic city center included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage
10000+ bars and restaurants to feel the taste of St. Petersburg
300+ museums,
70 theaters
Easy to get to: newly built airport with more than 200 flights a day operated by more than 40 airlines
Practical Info
Each participant will get a personalized invitation letter, in printable format, via e-mail.
Should someone need the original invitation to obtain the visa, we will be mailing the originals internationally.
Visa invitation is ready within one month from the moment you've registered for the conference and e-mailed us your ID scan.
Invitation + Visa processing time = 6 weeks.
Hong Kong, S. Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, Israel, Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, Serbia, Thailand, Montenegro, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Macedonia — no visa needed.
Please check the cost of your Russian visa with the Russian embassy of your choice or preferred visa center‎.
Newly built international airport
More than 200 international flights per day More than 40 airlines
High speed Allegro train from Helsinki, Finland (3,5 hours)
High speed Sapsan train from Moscow, Russia (4 hours)
Overnight buses from Riga and Tallinn (7 hours)
By plane:
By train:
By bus:
Getting to St. Petersburg
3* from 70€ per night
4* from 160€ per night
5* from 250€ per night
trendy hostels from 10€ per night
student dorms from 5€ per night
airbnb options, too
Contact us:
Daria Zhukova, Conference Coordinator
General inquiries, visa questions, sponsors:
Abstract submission, poster presentations